Creating curb appeal in the front yard
  1. The front entry should be clean, welcoming and clutter-free. Remove the line of small pots (you know, the ones with the dead plants) and make space on the steps.

  2. Update the hardware on the front door and make sure it opens smoothly.

  3. Repair cracked steps, aging fences, or drooping woodwork.

  4. Update dated lighting fixtures, house numbers and mailboxes.

  5. Are your trees or bushes hiding your home?  Hire a professional landscaper to trim -- it can make your home look larger and more welcoming. Call Urban Jungle for a good landscaper.

  6. Plant beautiful and colorful flowers throughout your yard. Add a few hanging potted plants or flower boxes to liven up the windows. Urban Jungle can help you with this!

  7. Consider repainting the house or at least the trim and front door.

Look how dramatic the impact of vertical gardens can be within just one month.

Creating Sustainable Green Urban Environments
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